'Horst is able to present Waldorf education in such a way that those unfamiliar with it can make an immediate connection.' The College of Teachers

West Coast Steiner School, Perth

The Transformative Power of Stories: a talk by Horst Kornberger on how and why stories affect us so deeply                                                                                                                              

Stories in the Waldorf Curriculum a talk by Horst Kornberger on the ingenious use of stories in Steiner School from Kindergarten to High School                                                                                                                                                                                    

Festival Creation: a talk by Jennifer Kornberger on the creation of new festivals as a form of collective therapy                                                                                                  

Story Medicine a talk with Horst Kornberger and Jennifer Kornberger on the therapeutic use of story and metaphor     



Folktales (Fairy Tales) and their Meaning: a talk by Horst Kornberger on how to understand traditional tales and work with them for the benefit of children


While each of the above lectures stands on its own, they also form a sequence that makes a complete introduction to the subject of story and story use.

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