' The calibre and creativity of their work no longer surprises me as I have come to know it as their standard whether they are working together or separately.'  Brian Keats

Making Stories  

How to create age-appropriate stories for children in Kindergarten and Primary School.

In this workshop we will learn to understand the child’s changing consciousness and create stories appropriate to each of these stages. We will develop skills in creating images and metaphors, structuring story lines, and using artistic language.We will begin with the simplest stories and then develop our story making capacity alongside the child’s need for increasingly complex tales. This safe, step-by step process is

Telling Stories

How to become a story teller

Storytelling is an art that can be learnt by anyone. We build the skill of 'seeing the pictures' that form the story and learn how to bring them to life through voice, gesture and active presence.  We work with specific techniques of speech formation, timing, rhythm as well as developing an understanding of the levels of dramatic presentation appropriate to various age groups. 

Story Medicine

How to create therapeutic metaphors and healing stories for children.​​

This workshop focuses on the creation of therapeutic stories and transformative images to address a diverse range of challenges that face both children and teachers. We will learn how to make simple and powerful metaphors that can be developed into more elaborate stories. We will explore the humorous story as a potent healing tool and introduce meditative ways of working with the child’s evolving consciousness.

Workshops can be tailored to individual timeframes. Minimum contact time 2 days or 12 hours;

Ideal time frame 5 days or 30 hours. Please contact us to book a workshop.