Adrian May

for staff & College of Teachers of the Yallingup Rudolf Steiner School


We, the staff and College of Yallingup Steiner School in Western Australia strongly recommend that you avail yourselves of any and every lecture, course or workshop that Horst offers you. Over the years we have attended many of the above, often with members of other Steiner schools in WA, and in every case we have come away inspired.


Horst is blessed with a profound knowledge of Anthroposophy. Whether he speaks of water, flora, fauna. colour, astronomy or alchemy, it is presented in such a way that it becomes applicable to one's occupation and everyday life. His Goetheanistic way of viewing the world leads you to view ordinary things in a new way: whole new vistas are thereby opened up.


His method of delivery is totally vibrant, enjoyable and easy to follow...

We feel ourselves blessed to have had a person of such caliber in our mist, so we urge you to avail yourselves of his services. It is impossible to put a price tag on what he is worth as it all goes beyond value. Seize the opportunity! You can thank us after he has visited you.


Bronwyn Maddock

on behalf of the Early Childhood Faculty at the Perth Waldorf School.


Horst has gained a reputation within our school and the wider community for being a great source of inspiration in the field of parent education and lecturing on Rudolf Steiner's philosophy...

In our experience Horst takes his workshop audience on a wonderful journey of learning, whetting the appetite for further knowledge. We highly recommend his work in the field of parent education and lecturing and I invite further inquiries to complement this recommendation.


​ The College of Teachers

West Coast Steiner School, Perth, Western Australia


Horst Kornberger has conducted a range of workshops and given many talks on themes related to Waldorf education at the West Coast Steiner School. He is our favorite speaker. His talks are instrumental in gaining new enrolments for our school. Horst is able to present Waldorf education in such a way that those unfamiliar with it can make an immediate connection.

Many parents from our school have attended Horst's courses, the 'Goethean Studies Programme' and 'Working the Word'. This has strengthened our school community in creative and inspiring ways.

We can sincerely recommend Horst as a speaker and endorse his workshops as being of great value to any school community.




Reference from Gerry Josephson


I have known Jennifer and Horst Kornberger since we began working together in 1994 at the Sophia Centre for Anthroposophical Studies in Perth, Western Australia, where I succeeded Horst as Co-ordinator of the Foundation Course.

Jennifer and Horst are two remarkably gifted individuals and their gifts cover a wide range of disciplines. Horst is a brilliant Anthroposophical lecturer, encompassing the whole gamut of Goethean Science, evolution, art, literature, education etc. His work within the arts is almost as extensive and impressive covering speech, painting, poetry and theatre directing.

Jennifer’s gifts lie more specifically in the arts realm, focusing particularly on painting, writing and performing poetry and writing dramas – notably plays designed for festivals. These works and her poetry are among the most remarkable creations I’ve encountered in the Anthroposophical world and deserve recognition on a wider stage.

Altogether they are two of the most gifted and innovative people I’ve encountered in 35 years of work in Anthroposophy and would be an enormous asset to any organization or enterprise seeking to bring Spiritual Science into the world in a fresh and creative manner. I cannot recommend them highly enough.




Gerry Josephson


Co-founder and Co-ordinator of Parsifal College, Sydney     1983 – 1991

Head of Drama Dept. at Emerson College, Sussex U.K.     1992 / 1993

Director of Studies at Sophia Centre, Perth Australia           1994 – 2001

Founder and Director of Studies at Grail Quest, Perth                    2001 – 2007

Founder and Director of Studies at Grail Quest, Byron Bay             2007 -        


Reference from Patricia Dougall

Rudolf Steiner College Inc.

PO Box 296

Wembley WA 6913


To whom it may concern


Reference: Horst and Jennifer Kornberger


Horst and Jennifer Kornberger are founding directors, and joint coordinators of the Foundation Studies Program of Rudolf Steiner College, Perth WA. Horst is one of the most well regarded lecturers in Anthroposophical circles in Australia. As well as coordinating and lecturing in the Foundation Studies Program, Jennifer has taken on the additional responsibility of coordinating our 2 parallel teacher training programs to meet the needs of the Steiner Schools in our region. Jennifer teaches painting in the Foundation Studies and Teacher Training programs. Horst and Jennifer have been instrumental in bringing an integrated, experimental dynamic to the program and reaching out to the wider community.  Horst and Jennifer have an excellent track record in attracting and maintaining large numbers of students.


An example of the artistic and social impulses shared by Horst and Jennifer Kornberger was their major contribution to the annual conference of the Anthroposophical Society, held in Perth in 2008. They worked with the social imagination of developing community as a living organism. This focus culminated in The Bee Master festival. This ambitious and highly successful 3 day event brought together a wide group of lecturers, artists, craftspeople and biodynamic practitioners into a dynamic integrated unity, a living human beehive.


This is one example of the initiatives and impulse Horst and Jennifer bring to develop and strengthen community.


Yours sincerely


Patricia Dougall, 



Rudolf Steiner College Inc.

PO Box 296

Wembley WA 6913

Reference from Peter Fern


My name is Peter Fern and I am the State Secretary of the Western Australia Branch of The Anthroposophical Society. I have known Horst and Jennifer Kornberger for nearly a decade through their activities in our community. They have been very prominent in producing and making available many workshops and courses in Adult Education and Waldorf teacher training. Their artistic talents are many and they are both published authors. They have been the public face of Anthroposophical education and art in Perth. In 2008 they created and produced 'The Bee Master', a modern mystery drama that was presented over four evenings at the Annual Conference of the Anthroposophical Society in Australia, held over Easter in Perth.

They are both people with outstanding artistic gifts and of impeccable integrity. I wish them well in their future endeavours.


Peter Fern,


State Secretary of the Western Australia Branch of The Anthroposophical Society

Ph: 08 – 9470 9333 mob: 0409520332


Reference from Kristina Hamilton


To whom it may concern


I have known and worked with Horst and Jennifer Kornberger for more than 12 years and I can attest for their strength of character and creativity. I have been the Eurythmy tutor for many of their adult education courses such as ‘Goethean Studies,’ ‘Working the Word,’ and ‘The Curriculum Journey,’ and other aspects of teacher training. It has been a pleasure to work and collaborate with them on their innovative approach to Anthroposophical Studies through the arts.


As a participant myself in several courses, I found Horst very adept at giving newcomers to Anthroposophy a real entry into the way of thinking as well as being able to enliven the concepts for those more familiar with the content. To participate in Jennifer’s painting courses is a soulful delight, as she is able to give each one the confidence to explore the beings of colour.


I have also performed Eurythmy and/or instructed others in several of their marvellous social events such as the winter festival plays at the Perth Waldorf School and the ‘Bee Master’ play at the Anthroposophical Michael/Easter festival.


We are extremely fortunate in Perth to have had two such devoted and enthusiastic artists working together out of a generous love towards the deed itself. Horst and Jennifer are both able to initiate new approaches without compromising the fundamentals of Anthroposophy to which they are deeply committed.


Horst has shared with me the class-holder responsibility for the School of Spiritual Science over the last year and has given insightful free renderings.


I hope their talents can continue to unfold and find responsive recipients throughout the world.




Kristina Hamilton


Eurythmist and Class Holder of the School of Spiritual Science, Perth, Western Australia

9 White St,  North Fremantle, Western Australia, ph: 08 – 9335 9761


Reference from Brian Keats


To whom it may concern,


Horst and Jennifer Kornberger have enriched my life through their friendship and leading edge work they bring into the world. The calibre and creativity of their work no longer surprises me as I have come to know it as their standard whether they are working together or separately.


I once commissioned Jennifer to paint a picture for a cover of the calendars I publish. I still cherish the ‘more than a painting’ which she developed through dynamic meditation on the cosmic theme I gave her.

In her more recent work on the ‘Beemaster’ mystery drama I witnessed her full expression of artistic powers in selfless gift to the community and the extraordinary response she received from the community.


When I first met Horst I had an occasion to ‘teach’ him some Projective Geometry but really he taught me. It amazed me that someone with such extraordinary artistic talents had also the precision, logic and truthfulness demanded of the sciences. His deep sense of religiosity is also patently obvious.

Of late I have had the honour of working with him as a colleague working with the School of Spiritual Science where he is able to share the fruits of his meditative work.


Horst and Jennifer are initiators who are able to work constructively with colleagues and humble enough to learn from anybody.


Jennifer and Horst have many gifts to share. Blessed are those who receive them!




Brian Keats


Producer of the Antipodean Astro Calender, Class holder of the Byron Bay area



+61 2 66846834



Reference Mark Phillips 

Imaginal literacy provides teachers and parents with the most important skill to help children develop. It is a powerful and effective means of connecting with the emerging thinking –world of children. 

In remarkably simple and delightful ways, we can learn to relate to them more effectively and provide them with greater support to awaken to the world around them.

At the same time, it allows us to value and access the immensely nourishing and fulfilling imaginative capacities we all possess.




Mark Phillips


Catlyne Hos

Organisational Psychologist


I have attended lectures and workshops and completed the Goethean studies program in 1999. In fact, I valued the program so much that I attended the art component again the following year. I continue to attend Horst's programs as they develop and change to meet community needs and reflect his own ongoing developing wisdom.

Horst has a unique ability to make Anthroposophy come alive....



Ian Williams

Late State Secretary, West Australia Branch Inc., Anthroposophical Society in Australia


Over the past ten years Horst has played a leading role in Perth, Western Australia in presenting Anthroposophical knowledge and insights to the general public...


Horst is a highly regarded, articulate and sought after public speaker on both Anthroposophy and aspects of Waldorf education and parenting. He brings insights to many areas of Anthroposophy and the practical impulses arising from it through his own scientific-artistic inquiry and deep inward working. He is a multifaceted individual who can present esoteric material with clarity, dignity and enthusiasm whilst leaving the listener free to come to an understanding...


Horst has made a major contribution in Western Australia by making Anthroposophy more accessible to the wider community.